Off to Norway!


So we made it through Christmas! I'm joking, Christmas is always great.
We're heading to Oslo, Norway, to the proper cold weather, hopefully, some snow? Let's wait for what Oslo has to offer, explore a little.
Everything is ready so, off to the north!

Enjoy the video, leave your comments and questions, and wait for more cool sightseeing around the city!





Quick weekend in Porto


After a while without filming, you see yourself into an amazingly easy weekend, close friends, fresh cold air, and no excuses to not record it. Recording just to extend that 'disconnected from reality' short feeling from those two days.
Happy, I was. Happy, I am. And crazy are the ones who are not.


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Walk in Miami Beach + Gratitude times


It's been a week since I arrived in Miami.
Still in the Thanksgiving weekend spirit, I look at myself and face the reality that I must be grateful for. All the smallest things in life, the big travels, the new people that inspire me every day, and the ones who will always have a role in my life, the ones who always did and today that role has changed - for a better one or for no one at all.
I'm thankful for my life's own path, for things happening for a reason, and for sooner or later knowing that all the coincidences in the world are not coincidences after all. It means we learned something, we are mindful.
Mindful is such a word.
I will remember myself every day - be mindful, be kind to people and work hard.
Whoever is getting my 'thank you note' - Thank you.

This video is nothing but a really well spent day in Miami Beach, where I am staying for 3 weeks. It's been already a week since I got here, and besides everything, this sunlight is the most beautiful I have ever seen in a long time.



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