Walk in Miami Beach + Gratitude times


It's been a week since I arrived in Miami.
Still in the Thanksgiving weekend spirit, I look at myself and face the reality that I must be grateful for. All the smallest things in life, the big travels, the new people that inspire me every day, and the ones who will always have a role in my life, the ones who always did and today that role has changed - for a better one or for no one at all.
I'm thankful for my life's own path, for things happening for a reason, and for sooner or later knowing that all the coincidences in the world are not coincidences after all. It means we learned something, we are mindful.
Mindful is such a word.
I will remember myself every day - be mindful, be kind to people and work hard.
Whoever is getting my 'thank you note' - Thank you.

This video is nothing but a really well spent day in Miami Beach, where I am staying for 3 weeks. It's been already a week since I got here, and besides everything, this sunlight is the most beautiful I have ever seen in a long time.



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