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New studio, new content


Recently, I moved to a new house. I was used to work in a home studio where I was doing some large projects on canvas, messing everything, not caring about space and work sizes, smells and all. I still have that studio, but I do have a new one now, a much smaller one.

I like to work from home. I know what you're thinking: it's good to see other people, to get out at the house every day and go for a walk. I do all those things, believe me. It's a matter of routine. But the truth is I'm more productive at home, at any hour of the day, during 8 straight hours or just a quick 15min. I like to think I have my work right on the next room, I love to be able to do a quick line, or a quick drawing right at the moment when I come up with the idea.
I believe even if I've got a studio elsewhere, I would always improvise a secondary workspace at my house. It's automatic, so I might as well embrace it.

So this new workspace made me rethink the way I've been working, the big projects I've been stick to, and honestly, at that moment I realised that now is the time to change. The online shop is a project that has been sitting in my drawer for a very long time, so putting it together didn't take that long. However my workflow changed completely. I'm now doing much smaller pieces, restricted myself to paper, and I've been constantly working on new stuff. Like every day I have ideas for drawings, I'm always trying things out, getting a much faster way of producing, and not just getting stuck to a big canvas project for months.
Don't get me wrong, I love doing that, but for now, I need something else. I need the feeling of finishing work daily, posting new stuff weekly, and get it all accessible to everyone.
I promise to publish a tour to my new mini studio and to the old one!

Having my old studio running is also good. I feel I have both sides of my artwork running at the same time. I can do 3 or 4 drawings a day to kill the "creative bug" and still go for a couple of hours focused on big paintings. I still spend time researching for the big projects, but getting my head out of it for working on smaller paintings has been very good for me.

So, feel free to browse through all Limited Prints, Hand Finished Prints and Uniques. All the rest of my Portfolio will also be available here (not for immediate purchase, only upon request). Any questions that might come up don't hesitate to contact me!

I hope you enjoy this website as much as I do!

Thanks for your support!