I'm at ART BASEL MIAMI 2016!!!


What an exciting week to be in Miami!!! I got the chance to visit Art Basel Miami for the first time and live quite an old dream!
Also, I'm in Miami for the first time, I couldn't pick a better week to be here!
Literally, everything and everyone is in the 'artsy' mood, or at least I see the art fairs' excitement on every corner. Plus, the weather is amazing!
Parties, after parties, events, cocktails, gatherings, smaller fairs, plenty of exhibitions, gallery events, openings... is impossible to go to everything, to be in two places at the same time, to cross the city north to south more than twice a day, be constantly in the move and enjoy the time.
I'm trying my best to capture everything I can, my head is spinning fast!

Here is a quick look through Art Basel on the Press and Art Professionals' opening day.
I kept whispering to myself 'It's real, I'm here!' countless times. Hope no one had listened.

Enjoy the video! :)

Cheers from sunny Miami,




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Opening: Design Miami 2016


Before starting the art fairs' excitement, I went to the Design Miami press opening.
This design fair and exhibition is quite a big deal in the field, you can see the bests products, brands and design galleries, showing their latest projects. You also get a chance to listen a few lectures subject related, like sustainability in design, mass production, and other contemporary concerns.

In this same week, I got the chance to chat with the design curator Francisco Polo, who currently lives and works in Miami. Owner of the new gallery Aybar Gallery, Francisco talked about his Miami experience.
This small article was published on DAMNº Magazine website, and if you want to read the full conversation with Francisco and know more about Design Miami, click here.

I promise more posts and exciting vlogs from Miami! Stay tuned :)


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