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The STATUS series


I present to you the STATUS series
Very obvious, very real, very banal actually. Nowadays is hard not to relate to any of these words. 'Words' were the main focus here, simple words that are so present on our daily basis. Words that maybe 10 years ago meant just the same as any other, and now they're main and very basic keys to understand the digital world.

It started with the Online and Offline status. It makes me think that we're not awake or asleep, happy or sad, healthy or ill. No. Now we are Online or Offline - and that's our first status. And we're hardly Offline anymore.

Being the same person online as you are offline has become a bigger challenge than controlling the time we spend offline. Authenticity has become something that is harder to derive from this digital space as we build more and more distance between ourselves and the people we are actually trying to reach, or simply the people around us. The idea that you are able to convey and be the person online that you are offline and don’t separate the two, has become an indispensable line for me to walk in with no space to fall on the sides.

It's not all bad. We can look at this issues as opportunities for people to have more than one ego. Alter egos. Once belonged exclusively to artists, great minds and mentally ill people. Now anyone can have as many alter egos as they want, many profiles as they'd like, emphasizing different sides of a daily life, building the perfect image, and dilute a personality. That's hardly for creative matters but for covering black spots. Instead of building character, they're building coats, bright layers, perfect hairstyles, turning boring routines into amazingly enviable ones. And there's an audience for that. We belong to that audience. The big question is where do you draw the line between being authentic and being something else? 'Something else' is always more appealing. At least let's create something better and live through it.

It goes from here, it can go much longer, it recently became a subject for a vast discussion. Not the purpose of this post.

Here it the STATUS series. A series of 5 Hand Finished Prints: Online, Offline, Inside Frame, Share Share Share and Filter This.

inside frame - landscape.jpg
share share share - landscape.jpg
filter this - landscape.jpg

HAND FINISHED PRINTS are in fact prints. Once printed, they are finished, by hand, with paint, pencil, pen or any other tool. I believe it gives a more personal touch to the work.
There are limited: only 25 copies of each!
For other paintings, feel free to browse through portfolio or check my online shop. Any enquires please contact me through mail.


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