Welcome to my blog!


Hi everyone, and welcome to my blog! I'm an artist by day, designer by night, all other stuff in between and I've got a new blog. I’m not sure if it’s new, but at least being online it’s new.

Here you can follow everything inside a multi-hyphen creative routine. I used to separate my creative and professional self from my personal life until I realized they don't exist separately. Creativity is a way to do stuff, so here I'll be showing you mine.
I aim to become an online content creator, regularly post great photos and videos, drawings and paintings, some DIY and daily lifestyle posts. Transport my regular creative self to an online platform where I'll let you come inside my house, my mind, and be the eyes of my crazy thoughts. No strategy, no plans or whatsoever.
The big challenge is to avoid social media enhancement - this is very real and harder than you think! So let's keep it real, and bless this mess! Believe me, creativity is often messier and just afterwards it becomes pretty. 
I also hope to become more real and transparent with myself. When you write everything down; when you let people read what you write; when you draw and let yourself be constantly and thoughtlessly creating, that allows you to be true to yourself and by consequently create more and better stuff! Getting to that Flow State, different in every person, exciting to beat, but more exciting to find out a way to reach it. And working on it has become reflected in my daily life, in my routine, my work and without measurements in my purpose of being. I already found out some big deals related to that subject, but I think I'll leave it for another blog post. 

So don't be a stranger! Keep around, explore my big art projects' portfolio or my routine drawings. You can also check my collections where you can buy a piece of me to your home, office, friends and loved ones. Don't miss anything really by subscribing here - I promise not to clog your inbox!

If you want to know more about me just click here, and always feel free to leave any comment, question and feedback.

Hope you enjoy it :)



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